Growing up in the Mormon church, I have been taught that the Lord often answers our prayers through others. Tonight, I was sharing a story with my children of a time I had the priviledge of listening to the promptings of the Holy Ghost and, by acting on them, was able to be of service to another person. In this case, it was my wife.

Shortly after my wife and I were married, we were gradually retrieving all of her belongings from my in-laws house.  This meant that, while I was in classes,  she was borrowing her parents van and shuttling her belongings across an hour’s worth of interstate highway to the house we were renting.  One night I came home from school, and my wife hadn’t arrived yet.  I waited and waited and waited. Gradually I sensed that something had gone wrong, and I felt the strong impression that I needed to go look for her.

In The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ, there is a story of a young man, Nephi, who was given a very difficult task but didn’t know how he was going to accomplish it.  He described his experiences as follows:  “And I was aled by the Spirit, not bknowing beforehand the things which I should do.” That’s pretty much how I felt.  I didn’t know where she was, but I felt I needed to go look for her. I began driving down the main road in the city we lived in toward the freeway. I had gone less than ten blocks, when I saw my in-laws’ van parked between the double-yellow lines in the middle of the roadway. She had crashed into the rear of a car in front of her. The police were still processing everything. It wasn’t a major accident, but the front of the van had completely crumpled, and my wife was quite shaken up.

I parked my car, walked over to the van, and entered through the passenger door. I was probably the last person she expected to see. Once the police were finished, and they towed the van away, I was able to drive my wife home.  In reality, it was a little thing. But I firmly believe that a loving Father in Heaven knew she was there, and as one of his tender mercies, allowed me to find her and be there in a moment when she needed comfort and help getting home.  I shudder to think what she might have gone through had I dismissed those feelings I had to go look for her.  I am grateful to belong to a church that teaches the importance of continuing, ongoing revelation both to prophets as well as to individuals.